Best locations for a dance photoshoot

My favourite locations (so far!) in Kent and London, UK

I have really enjoyed exploring different locations in Kent and London this past year. It's an adventure in itself, and here are some of the best places I've been. Comment in the section below if you have some location ideas you'd like to see me shoot in!

St. Pauls, London This area has a lot of fun architecture to enhance an image with a dancer, and some playful elements such as water, wacky angles and different materials and textures.

Multi-storey car parks I have photographed in a couple of car parks in Maidstone, Kent, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Moody lighting and grimy backgrounds make for a more grungy aesthetic.

Woodland These offer a lot of distraction for younger models, to achieve some natural portraits. Lots of trunks to balance on for dancers, and a soft floor for safe landings (or graceful falls). Kent has a great variety of woodland. Look out for the stingers!

Abandoned places Okay, I’ve only been lucky enough to do a photoshoot in an abandoned swimming pool once, but it was so much fun and the dancers loved the experience. Always put safety first and do your research before planning a shoot in an abandoned place.

Beaches The wind, the sea, the rusty old boats. So much to capture and play with at the coast. What’s not to love?

Please comment if you have any other suggestions!

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