What to expect from a dance photoshoot

There may be many questions and curiosities whirling around in your mind before a dance photoshoot, especially if it is your first one! The main concerns for dancers would be:

Do I need to think of dance poses before a photoshoot?

I would generally say that it is a good idea to think of a couple of poses that you are able to execute comfortably, as this is a good way of warming into the session. However, I am there to capture your personality and your unique style, and I really enjoy seeking that out during our time together.

How will I be directed during a photoshoot?

I am a huge fan of using improvisation to understand the dancers’ movement, habits, and to allow me to notice things that would create a captivating photograph. I sometimes use music to settle the dancer, and it allows them to have something to dance to. It often turns into a duet between me and the dancer, with my camera snapping away! I may use imagery or movement tools to push the dancer to create new movements.

What to expect on a Location Dance Photoshoot

When on a location shoot, I enjoy exploring the surroundings to help generate some ideas and to make the dancer and setting more cohesive.

What to expect on a Studio Dance Photoshoot

On a photoshoot with studio lighting, the surroundings are generally more minimal and it's more about the lighting and the position of the model or dancer. Therefore, movements, positions, and timing need to be more precise to get adequate results. It takes a bit more patience, but the results are worth it!


Sounds obvious, but the most important thing that you take from a photoshoot is enjoyment. I always have a great time with every photoshoot, so I hope that is reflected in the dancer, or family, or model’s experience as well. If you’re enjoying the photoshoot, then you'll be relaxed and able to give more of your true self to the session.

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