Timing is key: outdoor location photoshoots

A little guide to planning your outdoor location photoshoot. Because we all know how changeable the weather is in the UK!

Seasonal thinking

Outdoor locations change with the seasons, so think about what you want from your shoot, and what it will look like at that time of year. For example, a woodland floor may be covered in bluebells in May, russet leaves in November, or frost in January!

Always take the weather with you

You also want to prepare for a change in the elements. Whether it’s as simple as incorporating an umbrella into your session, or ensuring there is shelter nearby, you don’t want to get caught out!

Time of day

Outdoor photoshoots are heavily reliant upon the quality of light from our good friend, the sun. Shooting on a bright day at noon will cast harsh shadows on faces and bodies, so it’s best to know if there is some shade to get some balanced light.

Catching the sun when it’s low in the sky can create some beautiful, warm lighting.

Nighttime shooting can allow for creative ideas with artificial light, and can generate some moody photographs.

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