Booking a Portrait Session - what to expect

As well as dance-specific photoshoots, I also offer portrait photoshoots. Portrait sessions are a great way of documenting milestones, special moments between family or friends, or for a personal or work portfolio. The photos from portrait sessions are an invaluable treasure trove to reflect back on in years to come.

My main priority is that you are relaxed.

I wish to capture those moments where you are lost in thought, or in the throes of a joke made by a family member. These moments cannot be forced, and I strive to make you feel at home with me. I will direct you to get the best pictures, and you just need to enjoy yourself!

Choose your location to suit your vision.

Whether it’s an outdoors location shoot, in woodland or your favourite beach, or a more traditional studio photoshoot, with cleaner backgrounds and controlled lighting, think bout what you want from your session, and where you would feel most comfortable.

Location portrait sessions.

A portrait session on location offers a lot to play with and explore. It’s great for young, energetic children, as they can busy themselves on an adventure whilst I capture some natural photographs of them in their own world. If you are more of a nature-lover, and you feel that a location shoot best-reflects your personality, then maybe a location shoot is for you.

Studio portrait sessions.

A studio portrait session is a more controlled environment, where the lighting works its magic and I direct you to get those magical shots. You can still be be creative and make the session completely unique to you.

What's the occasion?

Celebrating birthdays, graduations, creating Christmas photographs to send as gifts to loved ones.

You don't need a reason to have your photograph taken, but there are a million reasons just in case!

Book your portrait session now!


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