Embracing Empowerment in a Photoshoot

One of the best things about being a photographer is seeing the huge confidence boost in the person being photographed; both during the shoot, and when they see their photos. There is something wonderful about having your photo taken that allows you to embrace who you are, and celebrate it.

It’s nothing short of empowering. It’s empowering to me as a photographer, watching it happen, and to the model, to delve into an exploration of themselves during a photoshoot.

What empowers you?

I decided to ask my Instagram community what empowers you. What you told me was inspiring, relatable, and eye-opening.

Empowerment through music.

We are well-versed that the power of music is a potent one. We listen to music when we are celebrating and when we need consolation. Certain songs evoke treasured memories, and can be the perfect tonic when nothing else works.

I often use music during a dance photoshoot, as it helps to relax the dancer and allows them to move more naturally.

“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost”.

I love this quote from the pioneer of modern dance, Pina Bausch. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can relate to it, but there have been so many times when only the act of dancing will give me the release I need. Whether it’s alone in your bedroom, with others on a stage, or a stranger at a concert. Dancing connects you to your soul, whilst at the same time you feel so free and able to express yourself without using words. Isn’t that empowerment?!

The power of nature.

When asked what empowers them, many people responded with walking in the countryside, being by the sea, going for a run in the fresh air: basically, lots of things to do with nature. A walk amongst the trees never fails to calm me when I am feeling overwhelmed, and I believe that nature has a powerful effect during location photoshoots. Whether it’s a quiet moment to notice the bird song, marvelling at the beauty of the bluebell carpet, or even embracing (and dancing in) the pouring rain!

The idea of empowerment has really made me think about its role during and after a photoshoot.

Photographs really are a celebration of you; your journey, your relationships, and what you stand for.

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